Hope Nicyper-Meryman




Hope Nicyper-Meryman has been riding since she was 3 years old. By the time she was seven she was competing Beginner Novice on a small and very opinionated paint pony named Patches. In 2002 Hope was given Feather Blue [known to her friends as the Wonder Pony!] by her owner Jen Gregoire. Feather and Hope quickly moved up to Novice and placed 1st or 2nd almost everywhere they competed. Feather may have been in her 20’s but she thought she was still a youngster! For most of 2006 Hope and Feather Blue topped the USEA leaderboard for the leading Junior Training rider [18 years old or under…Hope was 12!]. As they had in Novice, the pair was first or 2nd almost every time out.
Since 2009 Hope has been riding her new horse Optical Illusion. He came to Treeline Farm as an extremely green 7 year old who had been difficult to get on but Hope and he have developed a deep trust that has allowed him to overcome most of his training issues. By 2010 the pair moved into the Preliminary ranks and placed 2nd at GMHA, 7th at Groton House and 11th at Millbrook. In 2011 they again began the year at the Preliminary level placing 3rd at Rocking Horse, 2nd at Pine Top and 2nd in the CIC* at Poplar Place in Georgia. After returning home in April, Hope placed 4th at King Oak in preparation for the Classic 3-Day Event at the Va. Horse Park where they won the event and the fitness award as well! After a short break Hope and “Reggie” competed at Fitches Corner, placing 9th, as a lead-up to entering their first Intermediate horse trials. At Millbrook they won the dressage in the YOI division and finished in a respectable 6th place! In 2012 they plan to do a first outing at the Preliminary level and then move back up to Intermediate aiming for a CCI** in the fall.



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